Rubi Space for AlayaCare
Rubi Space for AlayaCare

Rubi Space for AlayaCare

Rubi Space is a collection of modules that help address 🤳communication, ⚖compliance, and 😊 employee service needs by extending the functionality of Alayacare.



Allows you to send targeted SMS messages to employees using standard Alayacare filters.

Shout Module


Sends visit reminders for employees, late visit alerts to the office and much more.

Sparkles Module


Sends expiring skill reminders to employees so that your staff is ready to work.

Launch Module


CriteriaShuttle PlanStation PlanModulesNotes
This plan is best for
SBAsSimple MBAsFOs
Complex MBAsCluster FOs
🌌All Modules
FOs - Franchise Owners MBAs - Multi-Branch Agencies SBAs - Single-Branch Agencies
Ability to provision SMS number per branch
🌌All Modules
Each Alayacare branch or group that you subcribe with Rubi Space can have their own dedicated SMS number with Twilio.
Users can be assigned access to one or many branches
🌌All Modules
Users of Rubi Space can be restricted to only interacting with the branches or groups assigned to them.
Branch specific configurations
Rules and notifications can be configured differently for each branch (or group).
Alternate setup using Alayacare groups
🌌All Modules
Some multi-branch locations choose to use Alayacare groups rather than branches to organize their clients and employees.
Multi-module Discount
🌌All Modules
Combining 2 or more modules automatically reduces the monthly subscription.
Message Costs
Your Twilio Account
Your Twilio Account
🌌All Modules
Rubi Works does not charge for the messages sent. We rely on Twilio for this and will help you open an account if you don't have one already. See FAQs below.
Time to Go-Live
1-2 weeks
2+ weeks
🌌All Modules
Depending on the complexity of the configuration, we can be as fast as 1 week or could need some time if you require us to develop features in order to sign up

I am ready, sign me up.

To get started please fill out this form.

I have questions, can we talk?

To schedule a follow up call or demo, use this link.


What happens when we sign up?
  1. Proposal - Rubi Works will present you with a quotation / proposal based on the modules you select. Bundling modules saves $, so please consider it.
  2. Ticket / Project - Upon acceptance, we will open a ticket and provide all of the most current instructions regarding the onboarding process.
  3. Alayacare API Keys - Alayacare will assist you in getting your API keys for Rubi Space as part of the onboarding process. They will securely share the API keys with us.
  4. Setting up Twilio - if you have a Twilio account great! If not, we will set up a meeting to open an account with you. You responsible for the Twilio account and the cost of all the messages that you send using Rubi Space.
  5. Rubi Space Configuration - we will ask you to fill out our Rubi Space Configuration Form - we can also do this together if you prefer.
  6. Deployment & Testing - after we get everything we need, we will deploy and test your configuration.
  7. Go Live - we set a date together for go live and we flip the switch!
  8. Support / Changes - if you need any changes made to the module configurations, you can submit a support request.
How much do messages cost?

Rubi Works uses your Twilio account and service for message delivery - the account is yours and all Twilio costs are your responsibility.

For region specific pricing:

Sample Calculation
Expand here for more details
  1. Cost of the number - $1 or $2 per month for each phone number
  2. Cost per message - US and CA is $0.0075 per segment (160 characters)


We are making an assumption of 100 visits per day and a single Sparkles configuration.

100 visits / day

365 days / year

1 segment per message (less than 160 characters) *

$ 0.0075 per message = 100 * 365 * 1 * 0.0075 = $273.75 per year for 100 visits a day notifying 100 employees every day about a visit coming up

  • Add another reminder - if you have a 24 hour in advance, then an 1 hour in advance - double up the cost.
  • Add a late clock in alert - assuming that 10% of employees do not clock in on time, add another 10% based on $273.75

It's all driven by the number of visits per day / month / year that the agency has and the number of sparkles configured to notify someone about those visits.


For the shout module (free form text message blast) it depends on how many recepients and how often you message them.

We have a Twilio account, what should we do?
  • If you have an account, let us know during the configuration process.
What type of phone number will we have?

Currently, we only support long-code Twilio numbers. This means that each of your locations will have a full phone number (123) 456-7890.

Where are email notifications sent from?

Currently, all email notifications are sent form Please make sure to whitelist this email address in order to receive office notifications.

Twilio needs information from me to enable our account?
What phone fields in Alayacare are used for Clients and Employee notifications?

SMS notifications go to the phone_main field in Alayacare for both Clients and Employees

Are there any limitations with the message sending?

We limit text message length to 2 segments so that carriers do not block it as spam.

Recipients can reply STOP or UNSUBSCRIBE - if they do so you will not be able to send them a message (more details here).

What happens if someone responds to a message?

We issue a standard "no-reply" response and forward their message to an email of your choosing.

Please note that you cannot respond to Homecare Agency alerts. To contact Homecare Agency please call (123) 456-7890 or email
After go live, how do I make changes to our configuration?

You can submit a support request from within Rubi Space.