How Rubi Space uses Twilio

How Rubi Space uses Twilio

Please use the response below during the upgrade process if requested from Twilio.

What Twilio products do you plan on using? Please outline your use case or what you intend to build with Twilio.

Twilio is being used to facilitate the use of Rubi Space

  • Rubi Works, software developer of Rubi Space, requires each agency to maintain their own Twilio account. They are added as administrators on the project to deploy the above services.

Notification Service

  • Mass messaging employees for company relevant updates

Messaging Service

  • Sending employee responsibility reminders
    • Employee Visit Notification sample message:
    • Hello John Smith, you have an upcoming client visit at 1:00PM tomorrow. Please reach out to <COMPANY NAME> if you have any questions.
  • Sending clients upcoming visit reminders


  • Auto-respond to employees/clients with a No-Reply message
    • No-Reply sample message:
    • NO REPLY: If you wish to reach <COMPANY NAME>, then please call <PHONENUMBER> or email <COMPANY SUPPORT EMAIL>. To opt out of alerts, reply STOP

Will you be using Twilio for personal or professional use?

  • Professional use

If for professional use, please provide a link to your website/app and your association with the brand/company.