Technical Overview
Technical Overview

Technical Overview

Shout Module Flow

  1. User logs into Rubi Space front end
  2. User configures various filters to select group of employees
    • branch, group, department, designation, status
  3. App service requests list of employees based on filters and validates phone numbers for format. Invalid phones (recipients) are not selectable for sending
  4. User reviews list and further narrows recipient selection
  5. User composes message and confirms sending

Sparkles / Launch Module Flow

  1. Sparkles and Launch are configured to run on a schedule
  2. Based on the rules and notifications assigned to the sparkle, the app service will make a sequence of calls to Alayacare API:
    1. All visit related sparkles will get visits
    2. All rules that include / exclude branches, include / exclude service codes, include / exclude visits tied to facilities, evaluate clock in / out status get visit details
    3. All rules that include / exclude client groups or notifications that require client related tokens get client details
    4. All rules that include / exclude employee groups or notifications that require employee related tokens get employee details
    5. All skill expiration sparkles will get employees and get skills for each employee