Shout Module

Support / Changes - if you need any changes made to the module configurations, you can submit a support request here 🆘 Rubi Space Support.

How Shout Works

Shout is an Alayacare connected module that allows users to send targeted SMS notifications to employees (clients and contacts possible in the future).

  1. The Shout module provides the user with the ability to generate a list of employees using various filters like branch, department, group, status, and designation selections.
  2. Once satisfied with the filter selection, the user can preview the list of recepients and narrow it down by unchecking / checking specific recepients.
  3. Then, all that is left is to compose a targeted message and press send. You can then review the message history in the history tab.
How to Send Message
  1. Select branch (if multiple branches)
  2. Select appropriate departments, groups, employee statuses and designations
    • note that selecting multiple departments, groups, or employee statuses will select all employees that belong in either department, group, or status. It will not look for employees that belong to both department A and department B.
  3. Once satisfied with filters, you can generate employee list. This list can have multiple pages (bottom right of image)
  4. image
  5. Use the checkboxes and select / unselect specific recipients. Note that recipients with invalid phones are not selectable. If you want to make sure those individuals receive messages, you need to make the correction to their number in home care software and regenerate the list.
  6. Use the search tool to look up specific people or job title or phone number.
  7. Checking / unchecking all recipients is page specific
  8. Once satisfied with adjusted list of recipients, you are ready to send!
  9. image
  10. Compose your message, review the number of recipients, message length, and estimated cost. Please read about message limitations here
  11. After everything has been reviewed, check the agreement box, and click Send SMS Notifications. There will be one more check to make sure you want to send!
  12. image

  13. Sending will send you to the history tab where you can review previously sent messages as well. That's it! Send away!