Q360 by Solutions360
Q360 by Solutions360

Q360 by Solutions360

We offer a wide range of Q360 related services and products. Ask us if we can build something specific for you info@rubi.works!

Custom Integrations

We offer a range of custom integrations between Q360 and other complementary software platforms and apps:
  • End-user credit card processing solution (page coming soon)
  • Pricelist management solution (page coming soon)
  • CRM integrations
  • Visit reminders and calendar integration
  • Database cleanup and maintenance (price list updates, master maintenance, additional history tracking)

Dashboards, Reports, Workflows

  • Custom SSRS / FRX reports including quotes, invoices, POs, and other business documents
  • Custom business intelligence solutions including KPI dashboards and live data reports using Q360 Dashboards and Microsoft Power BI
  • Customization of Q360 workflows -accounting, purchasing, projects, sales etc.
  • Reports List:
  • 📈
    USAV Quarterly Purchase Report

Data Migration


Data migration is a difficult process and not one that you should need to master if it's not part of your journey.

Data migration can hold you back from pursuing Q360 and your business strategies including mergers / acquisitions.