Data Migration
Data Migration

Data Migration

Target Applications

We offer data migration services to new and existing users of the following applications:

Process Snapshot

  1. Survey of Data Sources
  2. Scope / Budget
  3. ETL Design (Extract, Transform, Load)
  4. Review and Refine
  5. Go-Live / Cutover
  6. Support & Advise
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Good migrations matter because they...

...improve ease of transition to the target application, knowing all critical data has been migrated.

...leverage our proven methods of Just-In-Time data delivery; giving you confidence that at Go-Live all of your most current data will be seamlessly loaded into target application.

...are an opportunity to clean up your data; as part of the process, we are able to apply data processing operations resulting in clean, deduplicated, rightly formatted records.

...relieve your team of the burden of data migration; allow your team to spend more time learning the new system and less time buried in spreadsheets.

A special note on mergers and acquisitions... One of the greatest wealth transfers in the history is upon us. Companies will consolidate, split, re-tool, acquire, and everything in between. If data migration or software migration is holding you back from pursuing your business strategy, contact us please.