AlayaCare Data Migration
AlayaCare Data Migration

AlayaCare Data Migration

Rubi Works will engage in the discovery, transformation, and processing of data from your legacy systems in order to generate AlayaCare DITs used for the import of data into your new AlayaCare environment.

Main Project Phases

  1. Discovery / Data Surveying
    1. System and SME identification - we will survey all of your systems and data sources and identify subject matter experts in your organization
    2. For each system we will have to work with your organizational or branch-level SMEs to decide what data is critical for continuing operations in AlayaCare post migration
    3. For each system / source we will have to determine clear path of how to extract data. Example methods:
      1. Data exports, report exports (parsing)
      2. Custom report writing
      3. Direct DB connections
      4. RPA (robotic process automation)
  2. Data Mapping
    1. For each system / source we will have to look at how the current systems data structures / models / concepts will map / translate to AlayaCare's DIT and to your new AlayaCare workflows.
  3. Data Prep / Sanitation / Consolidation - we will determine with SMEs if there is need to clean up data on load to save time post go-live
  4. Data Merging / Uniformity (if applicable)  - capturing data from many sources into one destination for further processing. Ideally the migration strategy would consider all source systems so that new best practices can be established with the data and day-to-day operations / workflows.
  5. Generate AlayaCare DITs - after extracting and transformations are complete, we will generate AlayaCare DITs for testing in AlayaCare's staging environment.
  6. User data testing and feedback - users will have the opportunity provide feedback so that we can revise and re-execute prior steps as needed.
  7. Go-Live - data to be regenerated a week prior to go-live for a final data migration run into AlayaCare's production environment.
  8. Post Go-Live Support there are sometimes requests post go-live to add additional data or to mass update certain data via AlayaCare's API or DIT.
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